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What is New Eden?

New Eden is an animated sci-fi web comedy airing on HuHa! It follows odd couple Murray and Hamilton, two former colonial starship crewmen who find themselves marooned on a primordial planet populated with creatures determined to have them for dinner!

Murray, a Chinese American pilot used to breezing through life, and Hamilton, a pedantic cynical Brit who has never caught a break, escape to the planet’s surface in a Life-Pod. Their juvenile rivalry becomes the least of their worries though when they realise that this unspoilt world is anything but the paradise they were hoping to find.

Watch it here.

When will we get to see the series?

Now! New Eden has relaunched on Channel Flip’s UK comedy channel HuHa! 

Who are the other characters in New Eden?

Along their journey, Hamilton and Murray encounter Keith, a mad Scotsman and former ships engineer who has gone completely native and the calculating Ukrainian black marketeer Ivana, who just wants to find the ship and get off this planet.

You’ll have to wait for the series to find out what happens when Keith and Ivana cross paths with Murray and Hamilton.

Read the Characters bio’s here and view the Series Gallery here.

Why should I watch?

If you’re a fan of sci-fi and animation then you should give New Eden a try.

If you love physical comedy, witty banter and gross out humour then New Eden is not going to disappoint.

If wants to see cool frick’n monsters make grown men poo their pants then the New Eden is definitely for you.

How did New Eden come about?

The idea for New Eden sprang out of creator Brett Snelgrove’s desire to write something inspired by his love of sci-fi and comedy that was as far removed from Roddenberry’s altruism and Lucas’ mythos as possible. He also wanted to avoid doing yet another spoof or parody and instead make something that was irreverent but still had its own story to tell. After a dedicated search Brett partnered with talented Dutch animator Freek van Haagen in November 2010. Sharing a similar taste in comedy and vision for the project, Brett and Freek then spent the next four months developing the concept, scripts, character designs and overall look and feel for the series.

In March 2011, realising that they were onto something, Brett and Freek started work on a six minute pilot episode with two talented actors in the lead roles, Jonathan Rhodes and Kevin Shen. Working around jobs, families and life, Brett and Freek spent countless months honing the pilot episode’s comedic tone and animation style. During this time they also developed a production plan that could see the series produced in a timely fashion if given the opportunity. One year later in March 2012, Brett and Freek completed the New Eden pilot.

While working on the pilot, Brett and Freek added talented sound designer and composer Justin Bryant to the team. Justin’s immeasurable talents helped to breathe life into the strange world of New Eden and its creatures through his use of authentic soundscapes, menacing screeches and roars and brilliant score.

Check out Cast & Crew for more information.

Where can I find out more information?

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