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New Eden on New Grounds

I’m happy to report that in the space of two weeks the New Eden Pilot has racked up over 20,000 views and countless comments on animation site New Grounds. We’ve just finished releasing our shorts on the site and they seem on track to do just as well.

We’ve had some fantastic comments thus far and are taking on board a lot of the feedback from the community. For us it’s great to have finally connected with what feels like our audience – young animation fans who don’t mind a bit of crude humour now and again and love a good gag … plus cool frick’n monsters.

New Grounds wasn’t part of our original plan, it was instead something we discovered part way through our release schedule. If and when we move forward with more content, you can be sure that New Grounds will definitely play a big part in it.


I can not say enough just how impressed I am with the New Grounds site and community and not just because they dig New Eden. It is living breathing community of young creators and fans of flash movies and games. Users can submit, watch, review and ultimately help decide what rises to the top and what gets ditched. They can also collaborate on projects and earn a share of advertising revenue from their work. From what I can tell so far the users/audience ranges from established animation YouTuber and flash game developers to teens having their first bash at creating a piece of flash animation.

It’s a well moderated site and there are daily, weekly, monthly and all time rankings for movies, games, art and audio – so it’s aways easy to find the best stuff on offer. But if you dip into ‘Under Judgement’ (new movies and games must be approved by the community before being allowed on the site) or the ‘Latest’ section you’re bound to find a new hit piece of work that is about to rocket to the New Grounds front page.



Brett Snelgrove

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