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Press Coverage and Blog Posts about New Eden

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How we made animated comedy New Eden

British Comedy Guide – 24th July 2013

New Eden by Eli David

WebVee Guide – 4th June 2013

BubbleBlabber UK Exclusive Interview: Brett Snelgrove gives updates on @NewEdenseries!

BubbleBlabber – 4th June 2013

BubbleBlabber UK: Watch @NewEdenseries at @VidfestUK 2013

BubbleBlabber – 3rd June 2013

BB UK Shorts Review: New Eden-Murray’s Distress Call

BubbleBlabber – 14th May 2013



BubbleBlabber – 22nd April 2013

New Eden ~ Animated Web Series

Surfing Aliens – 12th April 2013

Cult Web-Series New Eden Launches On HuHa, And An Exclusive Interview With Its Creators!

Nerd Like You – 4th April 2013

Indie Web Comedy New Eden Finds New Home at Youtube’s HuHa!

Toon Barn – 28th March 2013

New Eden Launches on HuHa! Channel

Animation World Network – 27th March 2013

New Eden’s The New Online Sci-fi Comedy You’re Going To Want To Watch

Bad Haven – 27th March 2013 

New Eden debuts first episode on HuHa

BubbleBlabber – 14th March 2013

Sci-Fi Comedy ‘New Eden’ relaunches on HuHa

Animation Nation – 14th March 2013

What’s all the Hoo-Ha about?

Adelaide Screenwriter – 5th March 2013

New Eden to Debut On YouTube UK Channel ‘HuHa!’

BubbleBlabber – 28th February 2013

New Eden Gets A Trailer For 2013 Start!

BubbleBlabber – 21st February 2013

‘New Eden’ on a series mission

Max It Magazine – 16th January 2013

New Eden

Show Me the Animation – 16th November 2012

New Eden In The Running For NexTV Web Series Competition!

Bad Haven – 27th September 2012

Vote for ‘New Eden’

Adelaide Screenwriter – 27th September 2012

Web Series Wednesday: New Eden

Snobby Robot – 22nd August 2012

An interview with Brett Snelgrove

Adelaide Screenwriter – 17th August 2012

‘New Eden’ animated shorts

Animation Nation – 11th August 2012 

Who Needs TV, Anyway? Five Webseries to Enjoy This Weekend

CSICON – 6th July 2012

Murray and Hamilton Meet a Mummy in the Latest New Eden Short

CSICON – 1st July 2012

Freek van Haagen Interview

Animation Insider – 26th June 2012

Brett Snelgrove Interview

Animation Insider – 25th June 2012

New Eden Animated Pilot lands

Geek Syndicate – 21st June 2012

Slugs Aren’t Easy to Slap in the Latest New Eden Short

CSICON – 20th June 2012

Freek van Haagen: New Eden

TheiSpot.com – 18th June 2012

Animated Sci-Fi Comedy “New Eden” Debuts on YouTube

Daily Dot – 14th June 2012

Exclusive Interview: ‘New Eden’ Creators Brett and Freek

BubbleBlabber – 14th June 2012

Check Out New Eden Short “Mating Call”!

CSICON – 12th June 2012

New Eden – Pilot

Geeks In Toyland – 4th June 2012

Sci-Fi Cartoon Web Series New Eden Debuts Pilot Episode

CG Helps – 31st May 2012

Its Webs Day!! “My Anime Girlfriend, New Eden, and Billy & The Bitch”

Bubble Blabber – 30th May 2012

New Eden Debuts Pilot Episode

Animation World Network – 30th May 20102

The New Eden Pilot Has Premiered!

CSICON – 29th May 2012

New Eden Sci Fi Web Comedy – Watch The Pilot!

The Sci Fi Show – 29th May 2012

Watch The Web Pilot Of NEW EDEN.

Bad Haven – 29th May 2012

New Eden Pilot Lands on May 29

Toon Barn – 28th May 2012

Trailer For Web Pilot NEW EDEN, Which Will Be Hitting The Interwebs On 29th

Bad Haven – 27th May 2012

‘New Eden’ – Web series pilot – May 29, 2012

Animation Nation – 25th May 2012

The New Eden Pilot Debuts Online May 29, 2012

Toonzone – 24th May 2012

New web series offers “Humanity’s Last Hope” (@NewEdenSeries)

MolksTVTalk – 11th May 2012

New Series “New Eden” Drops All New Pilot On May 29th…Its New

Bubble Blabber – 10th May 2012

New Eden: Last Hope for Humanity (Turkish)

TahtaKilic.com – 10th May 2012

Sci Fi Web Series New Eden Debuts on May 29

Toon Barn – 9th May 2012

New Eden, a hilarious new animated sci-fi web series pilot trailer

ET’s Toys Cafe – 9th May 2012

Brett Snelgrove, the man behind NEW EDEN – an animated sci-fi web comedy

Limited-Release – 9th May 2012

New Eden: New animated sci-fi web comedy

The Getting Spot – 9th May 2012

Clever Sci-Fi Toon ‘New Eden’ to Hit The Web

Animation Magazine – 9th May 2012

Animation Webseries ‘New Eden’ To Debut May 29

An Eye On TV – 9th May 2012

Sci-Fi Cartoon Web Series “New Eden” To Debut On May 29

Cartoon Brew – 8th May 2012

Check Out New Eden, An Upcoming Sci-Fi Animated Series

CSICON – 8th May 2012

Warped sci-fi web cartoon set for launch

Toonzone – 8th May 2012

New Eden Sci-Fi Web Series Set For Launch

Animation World Network – 8th May 2012

Frolleague Films!

Scriptwriting in the UK – 4th May 2012