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Reflecting on the pilot and looking forward to the series

Freek and I thought we’d take a moment to reflect on the pilot and discuss what we have planned for the series and to also let you know how you can help if you want to see more New Eden.

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Brett: New Eden is just a pilot episode at this stage but one that we both think has great potential. For me, the short episodes and combo of banter, visual gags and gross out humour works well for the audience we’re going for I think; the South Park audience as I like to call them.

Freek: Yeah but the strength of New Eden is the overall story. As you might have seen there are more characters and the pilot is actually just a set up. We’re releasing several short gag film but these are just for fun. The actual episodes themselves tell a bigger story that I think is really interesting.

Brett: Absolutely. Hamilton and Murray are stuck for good on this planet so they have no choice but to work together. So the series is about what they have to do to survive as they look for food, shelter and other survivors. There’s plenty more monster to come, big and small, plus plenty of great landscapes as well.

Freek: You can watch the ep’s just for what they are in six minutes and have fun. Or you can follow the series and get the bigger story as well. It’s not just one short gag after another without anything connecting them. Watched one ep after another and you’ll get about an hour of great comedy animation.

Brett: So the plan is ten episodes released over ten weeks with a whole bunch of other fun content as well. We spent a lot of time pouring over the production plan to make the series could work for the web and be delivered it in a timely fashion.

Freek: It would be cool to make all the ep’s but kinda scary as well. I know we can do it but it would be bloody hard work!

Brett: Our initial plan was just to produce a trailer and try to shop that around. Do you remember that?

Freek: Yeah I do. I didn’t think that was going to work because a trailer offers too little for an audience to get engaged with. It might be cool to watch but is quickly forgotten if there’s nothing coming after that.

Brett: What scared me initially was producing an entire pilot episode. I was worried about how long it would take. And you know what? It did take a while but it was so worth it.

Freek: I wanted to do an entire episode to see what it was like production wise. It gave us a pretty sharp insight into what kinda budget New Eden could be made for. If we had just made the trailer it would have always been guesswork in terms of what the ten episodes would cost to make. Besides that the pilot fleshed out the way an episode is made; from storyboard to finish product.

Brett: The most fun we had on the pilot was really pushing Hamilton and Murray’s buttons, pun intended, wasn’t it.

Freek: I remember one guy saying from the screening that the gag-reflex from the monster …

Brett: The Sand Squid.

Freek: Yeah, the gagging and vomiting was really clever. A well-rounded joke.

Brett: I remember when we came up with that. Originally Hamilton and Murray were just going to get on the pod door and slide around the edge of the crater and up and over to safety. We knew that was too easy so we had a big Skype brainstorming session and fleshed out that whole end sequence.

Freek: That’s right.

Brett: I love that end sequence we came up with. It really helps to up to stakes and set the tone for the series to come – no matter what the threat, Hamilton and Murray’s biggest challenge is just surviving each other. Working out that moment is what also convinced me that this partnership, you and I, could really work.

Freek: Same.

Brett: So any doubts? Fears?

Freek: That New Eden will drop dead after we run out of all the material we have. Sorry, that’s just my biggest fear.

Brett: Oh don’t worry, I’m right there with you. I always said either we’ll be a big success and get to take New Eden to series or we’ll have a great animated short that we’re super proud of … but you know what? Screw that! I want to make the series.

Freek: I really hope we can get a fan base that supports us so we can bring New Eden to the next level.

Brett: And that’s my cue I think … folks, if you want to see more New Eden then let us know on Facebook or Google+ or Twitter and tell a friend.

Freek: Tell twenty!

Brett: In our first press release I mentioned the rule of thumb nowadays for independent creators is that the content comes first, then the audience and then finally the money.

Freek: Yeah, we always knew we couldn’t produce more episodes. That’s when we hit upon the idea of producing the animated shorts and the Facebook game, to reward our fans.

Brett: Our one and only job right now is to pump out as much great content as we can muster for you guys. So watch this space folks, the New Eden Shorts are coming and by-the-way, I’ve seen some early cuts and they’re frick’n funny.


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Brett Snelgrove & Freek van Haagen

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