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What’s the deal with the New Eden Shorts?

Since the New Eden Pilot launched it seems all we’ve been squawking about is these bleeding New Eden Shorts so we thought it was about time to give you an update on what they are exactly and how they’re going.

Btw, the first one is due to be release next Tuesday!


Brett: The New Eden Pilot was always planned as a promotional tool to help us get the word out and hopefully secure funding to make a series wasn’t it.

Freek: Yeah but since we wanted to show a little more of the New Eden world we’ve made four short one-minute gag films.

Brett: Plus we always knew releasing just one video wasn’t going to be enough to pique people’s interest. So these aren’t episodes, they’re short films or New Eden Shorts as we like to call them. I think in one of our last posts I said they were South Park meets Looney Tunes … but they’re probably more Land Of The Lost meets Looney Tunes, right?

Freek: Well … you’ll see. You can expect more monsters.

Brett: Absolutely. Cool frick’n monsters! So, the shorts are nearly done, right?

Freek: All done but one. Thanks for the extra pressure Brett!

Brett: Hehe, someone’s got to crack the whip in this operation. We had a lot of fun coming up with these didn’t we?

Freek: Yeah.

Brett: We basically just threw ideas back and forth until we hit upon four solid little gags.

Freek: Yeah and then mashed up some storyboards and put some rough audio under there to see if it all worked.

New Eden Shorts - Storyboards

Brett: I then wrote up scripts based on these boards, got our actors together and recorded all four shorts in one hit.

Freek: So what did you like best so far working on them?

Brett: Working with our actors. The best bit is always that wonderful surprise you get when you hear them do some great little thing with their voice or attack a word in a certain way. It’s the little things that really bring the characters to life.

Freek: They’re the best moments. Because you get all sorts of ideas once you hear it. And then I start to get depressed because I realise I have to make all that. Hahaha, kidding!

Brett: Our sound designers are having some fun as well coming up with the sounds for the creatures.

Freek: That’s the tricky part because you know what it should sound like but you can’t really explain it since it’s all alien.

Brett: Shall we give the folks at home a tease and let them know what the shorts are called?

Freek: Mating Call, Slappin’ Slug, Mummy and Flies.

New Eden - Shorts - Screengrabs

Brett: Here’s some screengrabs for ya. There’s only three because Freek is dragging his heels on the last one.

Freek:  Thanks.

Brett: Serious though, it may not sound like much but after finishing the pilot it’s been non-stop hasn’t it.

Freek: Man, anyone who knows a bit about animation knows it’s a lot of work but it’s worth it I think. Like I said, the shorts show more of the planet they’re on and what kind of stuff can be expected once we produce the entire series.

Brett: I can’t wait until they’re all finished and ready to be released onto the world. Then we can get cracking on finishing up the Facebook game.

Freek: Yup, that’s going to be fun … and more works. Aaaargh!


The first New Eden Short ‘Mating Call’ will be released Tuesday, 12th June. Subscribe to New Eden via Vimeo and YouTube to make sure you don’t miss it.

And while you’re at it why not subscribe to the blog to be kept up-to-date with the latest New Eden news.


Brett Snelgrove & Freek van Haagen

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